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This contains articles that are more widespread in EI. A technology agnostic category for evolving strategies, shaping modern business connectivity, classic methodologies, foundational contents etc.. Explore insightful articles highlighting the latest advancements in API management, microservices architecture, and cloud integration solutions. Understand the analysis and practical insights into optimizing enterprise-level integration processes for enhanced efficiency and agility.

Customer Experience (CX) and EI

Very recently I met a one of our colleagues from our consulting side; he gave me a very impressive point.

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Enterprise Connectivity & Security

I would like to share my thoughts and experiences on how I used to perceive Integration as a developer, how.

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Beyond Business Functionality!

“Architecture is not judged by its conformity to a predetermined standard, but by its ability to fulfill the non-functional requirements.

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Great Potluck Dinner

Once upon a time, in a  little neighborhood, the residents decided to host a grand potluck dinner. Everyone was excited,.

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It was a long day, I was in one of the largest home loan lending agencies talking with their central.

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