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Our collection of articles on enterprise integration delves into the intricacies of merging diverse systems and technologies, offering insights on streamlining processes, optimising data flow, and enhancing collaboration across the organisation.  Our experiences speak in this sections.

Who should decide ?

Involving business heads and business analysts who understand the needs at ground level and then asking for support from technical.

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EI & AI – Customer Centric Dream Team

Wishing all the wonderful women, a Happy Women’s Day.  Have you ever questioned yourselves that understanding women & understanding customers.

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Enterprise Connectivity & Security

I would like to share my thoughts and experiences on how I used to perceive Integration as a developer, how.

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Beyond Business Functionality!

“Architecture is not judged by its conformity to a predetermined standard, but by its ability to fulfill the non-functional requirements.

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Great Potluck Dinner

Once upon a time, in a  little neighborhood, the residents decided to host a grand potluck dinner. Everyone was excited,.

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It was a long day, I was in one of the largest home loan lending agencies talking with their central.

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